Dragon Slayers Incorporated

Return to Fallcrest Assault on Inferno's Tower

When you open the trap door you find yourself assaulted by a green skinned, winged, demon- or devil-like creature with horns and a tail armed with a stinger.

With some effort you manage to get the whole party out of the passage. Other creatures of the same kinds, which at first appeared to be gargoyles leap down from the top of the tower to join the fray.

After defeating the five creatures, you determine that they are green Abishai—known to be servants of Tiamat.

You rest briefly, then prepare to assault the main keep.

Return to Fallcrest Assault on Castle Korvald

You receive a message not to proceed to Fallcrest, which is currently occupied, but instead you are to meet Nimozaran and Lord Markelhay in the woods north of the city. It seems that a dragon and the main force that are controlling the region are operating out of the old keep in the castle.

Markelhay presents you with a plan to get in to the keep and kill or drive out the dragon. His forces will attack the fortress with ballistae and catapults from the western bank of the river to draw attention away from the bridge long enough for you to get across to Korvald Island.

You agree to this and set out the next morning. At the appointed hour the attack begins and you cross to the island. In the first tower, you encounter six dragonborn, two of which are flattened under the door when you break it down. You defeat the other four, then find yourself under attack by two arbalesters in the adjacent tower. You destroy the arbalesters and then shelter in the tower while you decide how to stealthily cross the battlements to the south tower.

Mercaiden finds a trap door buried in the floor. The door leads to a passage that seems to head to the south. You decide to see if the passage connects with the southern tower. As you sneak through the passage you come to a junction passage going east/west. You estimate that one passage leads to the battlement where Markelhay’s forces are attacking and the other to the eastern tower. You continue south until you encounter the end of the passage and a ladder that leads up to another trap door.

Roadblock in the Nentir Vale

You arrive in Hammerfast in the Dwarforge Mountains from Forgehome by portal. The Cleric of Moradin is somewhat startled by your arrival since you come well armed and in the company of two reptilians.

After picking up supplies and gathering the local news, you head out to Fallcrest, about two weeks journey.

The dwarves had informed you that there were rumours of a dragon in Fallcrest, and that there were wandering bands of creatures harassing travellers and collecting some sort of tribute or tax. Along the road you find very little traffic—especially leaving Fallcrest. The inns are all but empty and are anxious for customers. Most travellers that you meet are wary of you because they think that you are part of the wandering brigands.

After a few days journey you encounter a roadblock set up by some rather tough kobolds who have human archers hidden in the hills providing them with cover.


You follow the map to Forgehome, but find that you are not welcome to enter the city until you found a place to board the drake. You go to an Inn outside the city walls called The Silver Lode where you get rooms and a stable for the drake.

You meet with Gerdis, the cleric of Moradin, who tells you that you can only use her teleportation portal if you first have a letter of authorization from the Mayor of Forgehome or from the local wizard.

You visit Mayor Garrdai’in who offers to give you the letter if you put your dragon slaying skills to work for the city and kill a Fungus Dragon that has been causing them problems and has stolen the Hammer of Forgehome. He also offers you a reward and tells you that the dragon has started to amass a horde since it arrived in the Hunting Grounds.

You elect to visit the local wizard, Bardrin, instead to obtain your letter of support. You contact Nimozaran who sends you the following message:

“Did not know about the Fungus Dragon. Can dwarves kill it? Get back soon. Dragon has attacked Fallcrest. Need you. Market bullish.”

Gerdis gets your drake into the city and you use her teleportation portal to get to Hammerfast, a dwarven city in the Dwarforge Mountains, about 150 miles from Fallcrest.

Claws of Death

You continue to follow the tunnels, hoping that you are heading in the direction of Forgehome.

As you pass a chamber you hear noises and what might be chanting. As you enter the chamber you are attacked by crawling and swarming hands—obviously the work of a necromancer. You fight your way into the room and discover a Dark Creeper who seems to be a necromancer in training. You discover the successful and not so successful attempts to reanimate the hands that have been cut from many creatures. The Dark Creeper is guarded by two very large colonies of myconid swarms.

The defeated Dark Creeper kept his animated hands in a Handy Haversack, which you add to the gold and potion of healing that you take from him.

You also find a detailed dwarven map on his person that he must have been using to navigate the mines and set up his ambushes on the dwarven miners.

Rust and Rot

When you awake you move into the next chamber of the mine and discover more slaughtered dwarves with their hands removed. These dwarves are soldiers wearing the crests and sigils of Forgehome. As before, all metal appears to be missing. This time the answer is clear. As you enter the room you discover a Rust Monster that is trying to climb up to a rocky shelf. You also notice more myconids who take a strong interest in you. You kill the Rust Monster and destroy the myconids.

The Rust Monster was trying to retrieve a dagger that had been thrown up on to the shelf by one of the dwarves.

Dark Fungi

Your explorations lead you into more recently carved tunnels and recently worked silver veins. Following a tunnel you come to a shaft that descends to a lower level of the mine. The elevator appears to be gone. You climb down the shaft and to your horror you discover a room full of dead dwarf miners whose hands have been removed. You also notice that all the metal equipment is gone. It is not long before you realize that the room is actually full of miconyds and clouds of spores. A long and difficult fight ensues, but you manage to destroy the myconids. It seems unlikely that the myconids had anything to do with the removal of the miners’ hands.

During the fight with the myconids you heard some noises and possibly shouting from the adjoining room, but there are no more sounds after the fight—only the noise of a waterfall. You take an extended rest to recouperate from all of your fights.

Troglodyte Hunters

You take a short rest after fighting the duergar. You then bindg the feet and hands of the captured archer, giving his feet enough slack so that he can walk. He agrees to lead you towards Forgehome, but he will not take you all the way there as he will be killed by the dwarves.

As you progress down the ancient dwarven mining tunnels, you come upon an area that has been mined—probably for silver. While investigating the room, you are ambushed by a group of Troglodytes from Hraak Azul, the great fugal fortress. One is riding a rage drake.

During the fight, Breena gains the rage drake as her own mount by dismounting the troglodyte rider and climbing on top.

Amon knocks out the duergar to stop him from escaping during the fight.

You suffer heavy damage in the fight but seem to be holding your own. Unfortunately, you hear the sound of approaching troglodyte reinforcements. You realize that in your weakened condition, you are no match for fresh combatants, so you hastily flee the chamber.

Unfortunately, you had to leave the duergar behind—although it is questionable just how reliable a guide he actually was.

Using your great skills you evade the pursuit of the troglodytes, setting traps and distractions for them that enable you to move through the dwarven mining tunnels and gradually get closer to Forgehome.

Duergar Slavers

Out over the lake you see something flying fast. As it nears you it turns and heads towards you, flying high. As it comes into range it begins circling above you, then slowly descends.

“Greetings,” it says as it flutters to the ground in front of Mercadian. “Nimozaran has sent me. I am Zincofax.”

“Nimozaran is wondering why you have not returned. He has another mission for you. He expected you back many days ago.”

After you relate the story, Zincofax suggests that you perform the sending ritual to inform him of the party status. A message comes back informing you that there is a portal in Forgehome,a Dwarven city. Unfortunately you will have to get past the great fortress of Hraak Azul, then travel to Forgehome and find the temple of Moradin. The priest maintains a portal there that will take you to Hammerfast in the Dawnforge mountains near Fallcrest.

You send Zincofax ahead to scout out a path. He finds a number of caves and tunnels. You choose one that appears to be an old mining tunnel. As you explore, suddenly an arrow flies out at you. Before long you are surrounded by Duergar slavers that are bent on enslaving you. Fortunately, you are able to defeat them and take their archer prisoner.

Myconids in the Underdark

You find yourselves being sealed into the caves by the bandits. You weigh your options: Try to dig out the barracade that the bandits have made, find a secret door, create a portal, or find a portal.

You cautiously approach the pool in the caves and discover that it is an illusion. Stepping into it one at a time, you vanish, and reappear in a deep cavern above a whirlpool into which you fall.

The whirlpool takes you down an underground river to an underground lake. The only light in the cavern appears to be coming from a proliferation of mushrooms and fungus. You leave the lake and notice many miles off a glow that appears to be some sort of fortress. From your knowledge of history and dungeoneering, you suspect that it is the moving fortress of Hraak Azul. An enormous fungus that slowly crawls through the underdark. It is inhabited by troglodyes that hunt creatures for food. You feel that reaching there is your best hope of finding a way out.

Along the way you encounter a patch of large mushrooms that turn out to be predatory myconids bent on digesting you for lunch. You manage to best them, and then move on.


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