Gods are powerful, but not all-powerful beings that dwell in the Universe. They are knowledgeable but not all-knowing, they are widely traveled bu not omnipresent. They are composed of thought and ideal and the substance of the Universe, and so are not bound by the laws of the Natural World.

Gods give power, blessings, and information according to their whims and natures. Like adventurers and other peoples of the Natural World, gods have alignments and areas of influence. It is said that it is the gods themselves that created alignments based on some sort of higher calling.

Gods can kill and be killed—but to kill a god, an adventurer would have to perform an Epic feat and be a being of the highest Epic levels.

Good and Unaligned Gods

  • Avandra – Good Goddess of Change, Luck and Travel, Patron of Halflings.
  • Bahamut – Lawful Good God of Justice, Protection and Nobility. Patron of Dragonborn and the Metallic Dragons.
  • Corellon – Unaligned God of Beauty, Art, Magic and the Fey. Seasonal God of the Spring and Patron of Eladrin.
  • Erathis – Unaligned Goddess of Civilization, Inventions and Law.
  • Ioun – Unaligned Goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy.
  • Kord – Unaligned God of Storms, Battle and Strength.
  • Melora – Unaligned Goddess of Wilderness, Nature and the Sea
  • Moradin – Lawful Good God of Family, Community and Creation (as in smithing). Patron of Dwarves.
  • Pelor – Good God of Sun, Agriculture and Time. Seasonal God of Summer.
  • Raven Queen – Unaligned Goddess of Death, Fate and Doom. Seasonal Goddess of Winter.
  • Sehanine – Unaligned Goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon. Seasonal God of Autumn and Patron of Elves.

Evil Gods

  • Asmodeus – Evil God of Tyranny and Domination. Lord of Devils.
  • Bane – Evil God of War and Conquest. Revered by Goblins.
  • Gruumsh – Chaotic Evil God of Slaughter and Destruction. Patron of Orcs.
  • Lolth – Chaotic Evil Goddess of Shadow and Lies. Patron of Drow and their inseparable companions, the spiders.
  • Tiamat – Evil Goddess of Greed and Envy. Patron of the Chromatic Dragons.
  • Torog – Evil God of the Underdark. Patron of Jailors and Torturers.
  • Vecna – Evil God of the Undead and Necromancy. Lord of Secrets.
  • Zehir – Evil God of Darkness and Poison. Favoured Deity of the Yuan-Ti and Patron of Assassins.


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